Continuing Professional Development


Workneh Endazenaw M.Ed.

At Andinet International School, we believe that learning should be a life-long pursuit. Therefore, we provide a range of opportunities for our staff members to continue developing their skills and sharing their experiences throughout the academic year. In August there is an induction week for new staff and training for returning staff members as well as training sessions held once a term during the students’ exam period. In total, around 80 hours of training are provided each academic year. The training provided during these sessions covers a wide range of topics and ensures that our teachers are up-to-date with current teaching methodology and subject matter knowledge. In addition, many teachers are given the opportunity to share their own areas of expertise with staff members presenting many of the training sessions. Areas of focus have included:

  • Teaching methodology
  • Different learning styles
  • Changes in subject matter
  • Use of ICT in the classroom
  • Behavior management techniques
  • Motivation and well-being as a teacher
  • Inclusive education and students with special educational needs

In addition, the school often invites experts from outside our staff to come and deliver training sessions which provide an invaluable opportunity for the school community to broaden its horizons and expand its knowledge. Most recently we were pleased to receive Dr. Metasebia Woldemariam, a professor from the Department of Communication Studies at Plymouth State University in the U.S.A., who gave a very interesting talk on media literacy and its relevance in the classroom.

As well as the formal professional development sessions described above, there are many other opportunities for teachers to continue developing throughout the year, including management observations and feedback, team teaching and peer observations.