Service Learning Program

 Lemma Bekele AIS Service Learning Coordinator

Service learning is the program designed to help students change theoretical education in the classroom into practical application in the community. The program focuses on students’ learning, and mutually benefits both the service providers and service recipients (underprivileged children). Students of AIS form grade 9 through 12 provide service to our 12 partners during their Christmas break, Spring break and in the rainy seasons. It has been three years since our service learning program started and so far the school’s service learning has raised more than 950,000 birr both in cash and in kind. Our motto is, ‘giving back to our society’. Come join us, give back and identify your talent.

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The AIS Service Learning Program partners with 8 – 10 organizations to provide our students with opportunities to reach out to the community. Students learn how to give back and how to help those who are disadvantaged. Students, with their team leaders and teacher supervisors, volunteer their time at our partner organizations, especially during the December break, spring break and rainy season. This action not only helps those in need, it also helps our students to learn how to practice compassion and to exercise leadership skills. Students from grades 9 – 12 are required to participate in the Service Learning Program and grades are recorded on their report cards at the end of the school year. Parents have been extremely supportive of this program and we encourage you to continue your support and even to participate in supervising students on site.

Students who will be applying to universities abroad will be asked about their service learning experiences on their college applications.