Our Ethos


More than 25 nationalities are represented at Andinet International School. AIS values cultural diversity and it provides our school community with opportunities to learn mutual respect, cooperation and appreciation of languages and cultural difference and sameness.

We celebrate each morning with the AIS School Song:

Written and composed through the collaborative effort of a group of AIS music teachers,the AIS school song is an important part of instilling school pride and building school spirit. The words were carefully chosen to support the school’s mission statement. Please read and study the words and enthusiastically sing each morning with us in the morning assembly:

We strive and work and pray that all may live in unity,

Freedom and dignity; we are the home of love and peace.

Justice guides our actions toward the common good

We celebrate diversity and fellowship of humanity

We celebrate diversity and fellowship of humanity.

(We sing the school song 2 times each morning)