IPC (International Primary Curriculum) Throughout The Year

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IPC (International Primary Curriculum) Throughout The Year

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The International Primary Curriculum, which runs alongside the school’s curriculum, provided many exciting opportunities for learning this year. These included:


  • Grade One – For their topic ‘Senses’, the grade one students took a trip to Moha Soft Drink factory. Students observed the different colors of drinks, how the bottles are cleaned and filled, and they also learnt how the workers protect their eyes from rays emitted by the machines.
  • Grade twoand Grade three students were performing many activities, mostly science and physical education. The Environmental Science section of the activities introduced the Ancient Roman circus.
  • Grade FourThe title for the IPC theme was “Community”. Here almost all subjects were integrated, Amharic, English, environmental science, civics, ICT, music and art. The students studied the history of community, how to lead a successful community, the result of unity…etc. Finally, students took a trip to the African Union and understood how unity helped the African countries to independence.
  • Grade Five: The IPC theme “Artists Impressions of the World” was very inspirational for the grade five students thanks to Mrs. Nefertiti, who invited for us a wonderful artist with all her wonderful works.
  • Grade six:inthe IPC topic ‘Migration’, grade six experienced a migration throughout the school grounds. They had to work together to complete a variety of tasks and challenges, with the aim of understanding the issues relating to migration. This was a cross-curricular project, including elements of geography, maths, Amharic, English, ICT, and P.E.

These are just a few of the wonderful and engaging activities that our students took part in this year, all of which really helped the students to gain an understanding of their learning goals.

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