Grade 12 students in their lab.

Andinet International School occupies a large campus which provides a wide range of facilities both inside and outside the classroom. The school grounds are extremely large and offer excellent opportunities for students to develop sporting skills. There is a large running track, as well as a football pitch, a basketball court and other areas that are used for different sports seasonally. The outside area also offers plenty of space for students and staff to relax when they are on a break, with a range of courtyards, covered seating areas and gardens where all can gather to enjoy free time. These areas can also be used as valuable outdoor learning spaces which can enhance the learning experience.

Early childhood library
Early childhood librarian

The school buildings are separated into Kindergarten (KG), primary and middle school, and high school, and each has specific facilities appropriate to the needs of students learning at that level. The KG building has self-contained classrooms, as well as a library, ‘quiet room’ for rest time, and a dedicated KG nurse. The large playground, complete with play equipment, is separated from the rest of the school grounds providing a safe and fun area for the KG students to spend free time and develop play and social skills.


Secondary Librarians

Within the primary division, there are self-contained classrooms, as well as music rooms, a nurse’s clinic, and ICT suite. The primary school library boasts a large collection of books, textbooks, newspapers, and more. There is a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction material that is available for students, and they can even borrow books to read at

Primary Librarians

home. In addition, there is a huge amount of supplementary learning materials that allow teachers to create engaging and varied lessons. The atmosphere in the library is designed to encourage a love of reading, and both students and staff find the library an invaluable resource to support their learning and teaching. The Secondary division also provides specific age-appropriate facilities which include a physics laboratory, a chemistry/biology laboratory, ICT suites, and its own library. The library contains a collection of both reference and literature materials that support student learning.