Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“To create a 21st century divergent thinkers!”


To provide an environment that encourages and nurtures the individual development of attitudes and skills essential to achieve success in a rapidly changing world.

We are committed to the cultivation of:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Compassion
  • Cooperation
  • Excellence and equity in education
  • Inclusion and acceptance of individuals and cultures
  • A global outlook
  • Life-long learning
  • Creative thinking
  • Students who practice environmental sustainability
  • Technical competency

Furthermore, we are dedicated to developing students who are:

Optimistic, hopeful, thoughtful, academically accomplished, socially balanced, ethical and resilient world citizens


More than 25 nationalities are represented at Andinet International School. AIS values cultural diversity and it provides our school community with opportunities to learn mutual respect, cooperation and appreciation of languages and cultural difference and sameness